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Welcome! November 2021

Welcome to our web site. Please browse around to find out more about what ZyTech building systems can contribute to your building projects. Whether you are working on a single-family/residential project, agricultural project, or commercial/multi-family project, we have the expertise and products to help make your project a success.

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Welcome to ZyTech building systems (Texas)

Howdy Texas!  Our plant is new to Texas, but our team has been here for 30+ years.

Here at ZyTech, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people. With their loyalty and daily commitment to delivering on promises to our valued customers, our organization continually meets and exceeds customer expectations.

We also offer one of the most diverse and extensive range of building products, which allows endless supply options. If you need it, we have it!

One of the unique advantages that ZyTech offers its customers is the ability to allocate resources from multiple locations. From permit package services, engineering to production and shipping we have the team to meet the field needs of our builders’ tight schedules. When the going gets tough, WE get going!

At ZyTech we recognize that builders of any size are the key to our success. With your support of our company, we confidently reinvest in our manufacturing processes, continue research, development of product lines, and employ industry-leading personnel.

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The History of the Super Z logo

The ZyTech SuperZ was presented to the ZyTech team members after the conclusion of the 2006 business year. Glenn German, founder of ZyTech building systems said that during that year he witnessed super-human actions performed by the ZyTech team in servicing their clients and wanted to commemorate their actions by launching a new logo, for the then 10-year old successful company.

Today, ZyTech customers, suppliers and staff look to the “Z” as a daily reminder that they are part of a super organization that is centered on Commitment, Integrity and Loyalty. Each and every ZyTech team member wears the “Z” with pride and has earned a spot on this high performing team.